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QSFP28-LR 100G QSFP28 Module (1310nm,SMF,10km), LC (DCN)

Код товара 408170
73 616 руб
SFP28-LR 25G SFP28 Module (1310nm,SMF,10km), LC (DCN)

Код товара 408171
5 428 руб
SFP28-SR 25G SFP28 Module (MMF 850nm, OM4 100m), LC (DCN)

Код товара 408172
5 250 руб
WL8200-XT2  DCN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax outdoor WiFi6 wireless AP(2.4GHz & 5GHz dual mode dual band, 2*2 MIMO,  fat/fit, external antenna, 4 N-type antenna interface, PoE 802.3at, IP67, default no power adapter), SFP or GT uplink, could be managed by DCN

Код товара 408174
153 553 руб
ANT-2458-5X4Y Outdoor 2.4G & 5G dual band Omnidirectional antenna, support work in 2.4G and 5G band at the same time.   Interface: 4x female N connector. 2.4G antenna gain 5dBi. 5G antenna gain 8dBi. H-plane: 360º, 2.4G V-plane: 30º, 5G V-plane: 15º. (DCN

Код товара 405872
8 850 руб
CS6200-52X-EI Коммутатор 10G L3 Switch (48*10/100/1000Base-T+ 4*10GbE (SFP+)), Default with fixed redundant AC+AC power (DCN)

Код товара 405873
70 862 руб
PJ-SZ04 Outdoor AP mount kit, including 4x 2~6GHz lightning arrestor, 4x 1 meter N-N jumper wire, 5x 1 meter ground wire, including insulating tape and PVC tape. Each antenna need additional mount kit. (DCN)

Код товара 426353
16 075 руб
DAC-QSFP28-3M Кабель DAC cable, 3M length, comply for DCN products with QSFP28(100G) ports

Код товара 405874
8 298 руб
QSFP28-SR Модуль 100G QSFP28 Module (MMF 850nm, OM4 100m), MTP/MPO interface, can be spited into 4*25G ports with MTP cable (DCN)

Код товара 426354
13 370 руб
DAC-QSFP-5M Кабель DAC cable,  5M length, comply for DCN products with QSFP(40G) ports and the 20G stacking ports for CS6200 sereis.

Код товара 405875
7 171 руб
DAC-SFP28-3M Кабель DAC cable, 3M length, comply for DCN products with SFP28(25G) ports

Код товара 405876
4 155 руб
S5750E-52X-SI(R2) Коммутатор L3 10G/Gigabit Access Switch (48*10/100/1000Base-T + 4*10GbE (SFP+)),  AC power,  Stacking (DCN)

Код товара 426356
53 907 руб
DAC-SFPX-3M Кабель DAC cable,  3M length, comply for DCN products with SFP+ 10G ports

Код товара 405877
2 475 руб
WL8200-X2 Точка доступа DCN new generation wifi6 indoor AP, dual-band and total 4 spatial streams  , IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax supported (2.4GHz 2*2 and 5GHz 2*2, fat/fit, default no power adapter),  could be managed by DCN AP controller

Код товара 426357
13 587 руб
DCWL-PoEINJ-G+ Инжектор 802.3at PoE module with one 10/100/1000Mbps port (DCN)

Код товара 405878
5 302 руб
WS6000-M500P6 Беспроводной контроллер DCN Access Controller, (default with 16 units AP license, support controlling max. 512 units AP, 6*10/100/1000MBase-T ports, 1 console port, 2 USB ports)

Код товара 426358
354 879 руб
M6200-AC-A Блок питания AC Power Supply Module (150W) for CS6200, DCWS-6028(R2) - NonePOE,  100V-240V. Could be purchased alone as accessory (DCN)

Код товара 405879
83 756 руб
QSFP-SR Модуль 40GbE QSFP Module (OM3 100m;OM4 150m), MTP interface, can be splited into 4*10G ports with MTP cable (DCN)

Код товара 405880
9 761 руб
S4600-52X-SI Коммутатор L2+ Full Gigabit Access Switch(48*10/100/1000Base-T + 4* 10G SFP+),  AC power, static routing (DCN)

Код товара 405881
205 618 руб
S5750M-30X-P-SI Коммутатор L3 full 2.5G + 10G PoE Switch (24*100M/1000M/2.5GBase-T+4*10GbE (SFP+) + 2*40G QSFP),  the first 8 ports support 60W PoE, other 16 ports support 30W PoE, redundant AC power,default with one AC power (DCN)

Код товара 405882
180 664 руб
SFP-LX-L Модуль Gigabit SFP Module (1310nm, SMF, 10km), LC (DCN)

Код товара 405883
6 565 руб
SFP-SX-L Модуль Gigabit SFP Module (850nm, MMF, 550m), LC (DCN)

Код товара 405884
6 346 руб
SFPX-LR Модуль 10GbE SFP Module (1310nm, SMF, 10km), LC (DCN)

Код товара 405885
3 763 руб
SFPX-SR Модуль 10GbE SFP Module (850nm, '62.5μm, MMF', 32m or '50μm, 500MHz/km MMF', 85m, or '50μm 2000MHz/km MMF', 300m), LC (DCN)

Код товара 405886
9 847 руб
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