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Коммутатор 24 x 10/100/1000T plus 4 x SFP+ 10G Stackable Switch (AlliedTelesin) AT-x510-28GTX-50

Код товара 136283
137 362 руб
Коммутатор 48 Port Gigabit Advanged Layer 3 Switch w/ 4 SFP + NetCover Basic, One Year Support Package (AlliedTelesin) AT-x610-48Ts-60

Код товара 143829
195 079 руб
Коммутатор Allied Telesis (AT-GS950/10PS-50) 8-портов 10/100/1000BASE-T PoE+/SFP (AlliedTelesin)

Код товара 143833
19 778 руб
Кабель SFP+ ``Twinax`` Copper cable, 7m. (AlliedTelesin)

Код товара 143857
15 163 руб
Блок питания AC Hot Swappable Power Supply for PoE models AT-x610 + NetCover Basic, (AlliedTelesin)

Код товара 143864
52 183 руб
Шасси  Allied Telesis (AT-CV1203-20) Converteon chassis 2 slot,including 1 external AC power adapter

Код товара 198721
5 687 руб
Модуль Allied Telesis AT-SPFX/2 100BaseFX, 2km 1310nm, Multi-mode fibre (AlliedTelesin)

Код товара 113515
3 966 руб
Rack mount kit for MC products (AlliedTelesin) AT-TRAY1

Код товара 113532
2 394 руб
Unmanaged Switch,10/100TX to 100FX (SC) with SML (AlliedTelesin) AT-FS232

Код товара 140227
9 594 руб
Коммутатор Allied Telesis (AT-GS950/16PS-50) 16-портов 10/100/1000BASE-T PoE+/SFP (AlliedTelesin)

Код товара 140697
32 509 руб
Allied Telesis Gigabit Smart Access PoE+ switch 48 ports (AT-GS950/48PS-50)

Код товара 141394
53 120 руб
Net Card Allied Telesis PCI AT-2701FXa/ST-001 100FX 32 bit 100Mbps Fast Ethernet Fiber Adapter Card; ST connector

Код товара 154116
9 041 руб
Коммутатор Allied Telesis (AT-GS950/16-50) 16-портов 10/100/1000BASE-T/SFP

Код товара 154502
12 903 руб
AT-FS980M/52PS-50 (48 x 10/100T POE+ ports and 4 x 100/1000X SFP (2 for Stacking), Fixed AC power supply, EU Power Cord) Allied Telesis

Код товара 244172
77 384 руб
AT-FS980M/9PS-50 (8 x 10/100T POE+ ports and 1 x combo ports (100/1000X SFP or 10/100/1000T Copper), Fixed AC power supply, EU Power Cord) Allied Telesis

Код товара 244452
24 453 руб
Allied telesis Mini Media Converter 10/100/1000T to 1000BASE-SX MM, SC Connector (AT-MMC2000/SC-60)

Код товара 246458
11 421 руб
AT-DINRAIL1-010 (DIN Rail Rack mount for all Standalone Media Converters (10 pack)) Allied Telesis

Код товара 249906
8 185 руб
AT-WLMT-010 (Монтажный комплект Wall Mount braket для крепления к стене конверторов MC-series, комплект 10шт)

Код товара 236333
7 423 руб
AT-AR2050V-51 (VPN Access Router - 1 x GE WAN ports and 4 x 10/100/1000 LAN ports. USB port for external memory or LTE/3G USB modem) Allied Telesis

Код товара 238251
34 195 руб
AT-RKMT-J15 (Rack Mount Shelf for the AR3050S, AR4050S, AR2050V, XS900MX) Allied Telesis

Код товара 238252
9 994 руб
Сетевой адаптер 1000BaseSX/LC Adapter, PCI-X Bus, RoHS (AlliedTelesin) AT-2931SX/LC

Код товара 160351
3 838 руб
AT-HS-STK-CBL1.0 (High Speed Passive Backplane Stacking Cable (1) to connect 2 x SBx908 via rear connectors) Allied Telesis

Код товара 269341
51 527 руб
AT-FS710/5-50 (5-port 10/100TX unmanaged switch with internal PSU, EU Power Cord) Allied Telesis

Код товара 274616
3 123 руб
AT-FS710/5E-60 (5-port 10/100TX unmanaged switch with external PSU, Multi-Region Adopter) Allied Telesis

Код товара 274617
3 387 руб
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