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Адаптер Newland Multi plug adapter 5V/2A, USB port, for MT65, MT90, N5000, N7000, PT60 series (NEWLAND) ADP200

Код товара 417792
1 528 руб
Адаптер Fast Charging USB-C Power adapter for N7 / NFT10 / M10 delivered with multi plugs EU-UK-US. (NEWLAND) ADP710

Код товара 417793
3 509 руб
Базовая станция для мобильного компьютера/ Cradle for MT90 series with battery charging slot for Charging & USB Communication. Incl. USB charging cable. (not compatible with UR90, EX90 and NLS-RB905x). (Newland) NLS-CD9050-00

Код товара 444929
3 735 руб
Сдвоеная зарядка сканеров Daisy chain charger (NEWLAND) CD50

Код товара 417794
7 221 руб
Пистолетная рукоятка для MT90 (Pistol Grip for MT90 Orca) (NEWLAND) NLS-PG9050

Код товара 403716
4 301 руб
Крэдл Newland Cradle for BS8060 series Charging & Communication. Incl. USB cable CD8060

Код товара 353540
2 943 руб
Перчатка на правую руку для сканера Newland WD2 -маленькая (Right hand Electronic strap for WD2-SR/MR - Small-Medium) (NEWLAND) EHS-RH-SM

Код товара 417797
3 678 руб
Копмлект перчаток 5 шт(Glove set of 5 pcs) (NEWLAND) EHS-RH-SM-05

Код товара 417798
11 511 руб
Зарядное устройство Cradle for MT65 series for Charging and Communication.Incl. USB-DC cable. (NEWLAND) NLS-CD6550

Код товара 417799
7 376 руб
Зарядное устройство 4-Slot Multi Battery Charge for MT65‘s (NEWLAND) NLS-CD6550-4C

Код товара 417800
9 108 руб
Крэдл 3-slot Cradle for MT90 series Charging (PG9050 supported), Incl. adapter with UK & EU power plug (NEWLAND) NLS-CD9050-3C

Код товара 417801
15 667 руб
Крэдл 4-slot battery charger for MT90 series, includes adapter with UK and EU power plug (NEWLAND) NLS-CD9050-4B

Код товара 417802
9 946 руб
Прайс-чекер NQuire 751 Stingray Customer information terminal with 7 Touch screen, 2D Mega Pixel scanner, BT, Wi-Fi & POE.Incl. wall mount bracket and multiplug adapter.OS: Android 7.1 (NEWLAND) NLS-NQUIRE751PRW-7C

Код товара 436490
57 045 руб
Сканер штрих-кода HR32 Marlin II 2D CMOS Mega Pixel Wireless Bluetooth Health care Handheld Reader (white antimicrobial surface) with Stand/Docking Station, USB cable and multiplug adapter. (NEWLAND) NLS-HR3280-BT-HC(U)

Код товара 417803
21 956 руб
Защитная пленка для экрана МТ65 Screen protection film for MT65 series 9H (glass/pet/silicon glue) (NEWLAND) SP65 Hybrid

Код товара 417804
802 руб
Сканер устанавливаемый в перчатку WD2 (Hand mounted BT 5.0 with Standard Range 2D scanner.Laser Cross aiming) (NEWLAND) WD2-BS50-SR

Код товара 417805
30 269 руб
Базовая станция для мобильного компьютера/ Charging Cradle for MT95 series (connectable up to 4pcs; no Power Supply included;order ADP710 orAD60-D-M) (Newland) NLS-MCD95-1C

Код товара 444942
6 508 руб
Сканер штрих-кодов/ HR11+ Aringa, 1D CCD Handheld Reader (black surface) with USB cable CBL042UA, autosense, incl. foldable smart stand STD20i-22. (KIT Scanner + Cable USB + Stand), model HR (Newland) NLS-HR1150P-30F

Код товара 426258
5 206 руб
Сканер штрих-кодов/ HR22 Dorada II 2D CMOS Handheld Reader with 3 mtr. coiled USB cable. (smart stand compatible) (KIT Scanner + Cable USB coiled), model HR (Newland) NLS-HR2280-S5

Код товара 426259
5 532 руб
Сканер штрих-кодов/ HR32 Marlin 2D CMOS Megapixel Handheld Reader (Black surface) with 3 mtr. coiled USB cable, autosense, incl. foldable smart stand (KIT Scanner + Cable USB coiled + Stand) (Newland) NLS-HR3280-SF

Код товара 444947
8 534 руб
Сканер штрих-кодов/ HR22 Dorada II 2D CMOS Handheld Reader with 3 mtr. coiled USB cable & foldable smart stand, model HR (Newland) NLS-HR2280-SF

Код товара 426261
6 291 руб
Сканер штрих-кодов/ HR15 Wahoo 1D CCD Wireless Bluetooth Handheld Reader with Stand/Docking Station, USB cable and multi plug adapter, model HR (Newland) NLS-HR1580-BT-SD

Код товара 444951
17 119 руб
Сканер штрих-кодов/ FR2780 Urchin, 2D CMOS Desktop Area Imager Reader, Black, with 1,5 mtr. USB cable, model FR (Newland) NLS-FR2780-B-20

Код товара 426264
8 135 руб
Сканер штрих-кодов/ 2D Mega Pixel Fixed Mounted Reader with 2 mtr. USB extension cable. Laser and LED Aimer, white light & IR sensor. (Barracuda PRO). (Newland) NLS-FM431-SR-U

Код товара 444954
28 843 руб
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