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PRI E1 Module for HDX Series. Includes one 20ft/6m PRI cable (with clear connector) and HDX external peripheral interface box (Polycom) 2215-26695-001

Код товара 157894
198 667 руб
Power supply for EagleEye Director base, 115V/230Vin,12V/5A OUT--DOES NOT INCLUDE AC POWER CORD-- (Polycom) 1465-09241-001

Код товара 157897
9 173 руб
CX5000 Replacement Satellite Mic (single mic). Also compatible with Microsoft RoundTable (Polycom) 2200-31334-001

Код товара 157898
7 011 руб
CLink 2 cable, HDX microphone array cable RJ45 to Walta(F) adapts HDX microphone cable to HDX 9000 series codecs (Polycom) 2457-23716-001

Код товара 157900
2 673 руб
CLINK2 Crossover cable, 18-inches, shielded, special length for HDX link to SoundStructure in same rack (Polycom) 2457-23574-001

Код товара 157901
2 201 руб
Polycom (Breakout box adapter cable for PowerCam) 2457-50526-200

Код товара 158434
2 280 руб
Polycom (Cable, EagleEye View camera cable with audio. HDCI(M) to HDCI(M), 10m. Connects a Polycom EagleEye View camera with HDCI to Polycom codec. HDX secondary HDCI input requires camera to use external PS (1465-52748-040)) 2457-29759-010

Код товара 158435
18 675 руб
Polycom (HDX 9000 Bracket hardware. Includes bracket ears and screws to convert HDX 9000 series codec for rack mount) 2215-23275-001

Код товара 158436
2 280 руб
Polycom (Cable - 2.5mm cell phone cable 1.2m/4ft for use with SoundStation2 with LCD, SoundStation2 EX, SoundStation2W (Basic and Expandable), SoundStation IP 7000 and SoundStation Duo.) 2200-07817-001

Код товара 158601
792 руб
Polycom (VVX 600 16-line Business Media Phone with built-in Bluetooth and HD Voice. Compatible Partner platforms: 20. Factory disabled media encryption for Russia. POE. Ships without power supply.) 2200-44600-114

Код товара 158602
34 018 руб
Polycom (CX300 R2 USB Desktop Phone for Microsoft Lync. Includes 6ft/1.8m USB cable) 2200-32530-025

Код товара 178899
13 183 руб
Power Kit for RealPresence Trio 8800 and Trio Visual+. Incl. 100-240V, 0.8A, 55V/36W, IEEE 802.3at compliant mid-span power injector for 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet. Ships with 2.5m/8.2ft power cord with CEE 7/7 plug and 2.1m/7ft Ethernet cable. (Polycom) 7

Код товара 267386
9 696 руб
Polycom (Mounting bracket\shelf solution for EagleEye Director, EagleEye HD, EagleEye III, EagleEye View and EagleEye QDX Cameras.Mounts on the wall, 2215-24143-001

Код товара 73554
12 450 руб
Polycom (EagleEye Digital Extender, extend the EagleEye IV or EagleEye Acoustic cameras up to 100m from the codec via customer provided Cat 5e cable. Includes: transmitter, receiver and 1m HDCI/mini-HDCI digital cable. (order power cord separately)) 2215-

Код товара 170640
135 462 руб
Polycom (EagleEye IV-4x Camera with Polycom 2012 logo, 4x zoom, MPTZ-11. Compatible with RealPresence Group Series software 4.1.3 and later. Includes 3m HDCI digital cable) 8200-64370-001

Код товара 170643
259 720 руб
Polycom (EagleEye IV-4x wide angle lens. Provides up to 85 degrees field of view, includes counter weight and lens hood. Recommended for small room only. May produce some artifacts in large room settings) 2200-64390-002

Код товара 170644
16 918 руб
Polycom (Shelf for mounting the RealPresence Group 300 & 500 series codecs. This is a black 1u shelf for 19" racks which will hold the codec in position with a secure mounting system. 1u (1.75 inches)x17.5'' (without ears, 19'' width)x9.8'' deep. Shelf on

Код товара 170645
17 577 руб
Комплект длинных кабелей для выносных микрофонов SSVTX1000 и SoundStation2. 2 шт. по 4,5 м. 2200-41220-002

Код товара 127442
2 280 руб
Polycom (AC Power Kit for CX3000, 48VDC. Includes PSU, POE Power Injector Cable and local cordset with Europe CEE 7/7 plug) 2200-15853-122

Код товара 128633
7 682 руб
Polycom (AC Power Kit for CX500/600, 24VDC. Includes PSU and local cordset with Europe CEE 7/7 plug. 5-Pack) 2200-44340-122

Код товара 128634
8 353 руб
Polycom (AC Power Kit for SoundStation IP 5000. Includes 100-240VAC, 0.4A, 48VDC/19W power supply, 1.8m power cord with CEE 7/7 plug and a Power Insertion Cable (PIC)) 2200-43240-122

Код товара 128635
7 682 руб
Polycom (AC Power Kit for SoundStation IP 6000 and Touch Control. Includes 100-240V, 0.4A, 48VDC power supply, 1.8m power cord with CEE 7/7 plug and Power-over-Ethernet Insertion Cable (PIC)) 2200-42740-122

Код товара 128636
7 682 руб
Polycom (Expansion Microphone Kit for CX3000 and SoundStation Duo. Includes two (2) expansion microphones and two (2) 2.1m/7ft connection cables) 2200-15855-001

Код товара 128643
13 769 руб
Polycom (Expansion Microphone Kit for SoundStation2W (Expandable) only. Includes two (2) expansion microphones and two (2) 3m/9.7ft expansion microphone cables. Low power consumption) 2200-07840-101

Код товара 128644
18 675 руб
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