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Polycom (EagleEye Producer mounting bracket, extensions to be used with Universal Camera Mounting (2215-68675-001) or other EagleEye IV Polycom mounting solutions to secure EagleEye Producer to bracket.  Includes: brackets, hardware and directions.) 2342-

Код товара 212234
4 569 руб
RealPresence Group 500-720p: Group 500 HD codec, EagleEyeIV-12x camera, mic array, univ. remote, NTSC/PAL. Cables: 2 HDMI 1.8m, 1 CAT 5E LAN 3.6m, 1 HDCI analog 3m, Power: RUSSIA-Type C, CE 7/7. Maintenance Contract Required (Polycom) 7200-64250-114

Код товара 164630
921 359 руб
Polycom Studio: Audio/Video USB Soundbar, with auto-track 120-deg FOV 4K Camera, USB stereo speakerphone, BT speakerphone, Wi-Fi device management, remote, Cable: 5m USB Type-A to Type-C, RUSSIA-Type C, CE 7/7. 7200-85830-114

Код товара 313643
85 973 руб
Polycom (RealPresence Trio 8800 IP conference phone with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC and factory disabled media encryption for Russia. PoE. SHIPS WITHOUT POWER KIT. Incl. 7.6m/25ft Ethernet cable, 1.8m/6ft USB 2.0 cable and Setup Sheet) 22

Код товара 260147
51 222 руб
Polycom (Mounting solution for EagleEyeIV-12x&4x. Mounts on the wall/other flat surfaces over 6.5in deep or flat screen displays greater than 5/8in thick. Includes tripod mount. Also supports EagleEye Director, EagleEye HD, EagleEye III, EagleEye View cam

Код товара 179253
13 503 руб
VVX Expansion Module (Paper directory) for VVX 300, 310, 400, 410, 500 and 600. Includes AUX cable and attachment hardware (Polycom) 2200-46300-025

Код товара 302935
8 412 руб
Universal Power Supply for VVX 301/311/401/411/501/601.  1-pack, 48V, 0.52A, Continental Europe power plug. (Polycom) 2200-48560-122

Код товара 353115
2 046 руб
Polycom (Expansion (EX) microphone kit for SoundStation VTX 1000 and SoundStation IP6000. Includes two EX mics and two 7ft/2.3m cables. Does not include China) 2215-07155-001

Код товара 128864
23 194 руб
Replacement USB remote updated battery for the Group Series Remote Control. (Polycom) 2520-52757-002

Код товара 353122
3 240 руб
Poly Wall Mount Set: Allows wall mounting of video codec. Includes Mount kit, wall anchor kit, and screw kit. Works with Poly G7500 codec. (Polycom) 2200-85920-001

Код товара 353124
3 666 руб
Group 500-720 Media Center 1RT55. Includes: Stand, audio system, Group 500-720 codec, rmt, MicArray, EagleEye IV-12x camera, 1-55' 1080p LED display, cable bundle, Russia-Type C. Order casters separately. (Maintenance Contract Required) (Polycom) 7200-672

Код товара 344684
2 079 931 руб
Poly Studio X30 Optional Table Stand. Compatible with the Studio X30 (Polycom) 2215-86513-001

Код товара 353135
4 984 руб
Polycom (Polycom Media Cart rack mounting kit. Used with 2583-26914-001 to add rack mount capabilities to the inside shelves. Kit contains 6 3u rack adapters) 2215-26942-001

Код товара 128882
6 480 руб
Модуль Polycom VVX Color Expansion Module for VVX 300/310/400/410 (2200-46350-025)

Код товара 207734
17 713 руб
Universal Power Supply for VVX 100 and 200 Series. 5-pack, 12V, 0.5A, Continental European power plug. (Polycom) 2200-40350-122

Код товара 353145
6 064 руб
Polycom (AC Power Kit for CX500/600, 24VDC. Includes PSU and local cordset with Europe CEE 7/7 plug. 5-Pack) 2200-44340-122

Код товара 128634
9 060 руб
Poly Studio X50 Optional Table Stand. Compatible with the Studio X50. (Polycom) 2215-86538-001

Код товара 353147
6 397 руб
CALISTO P240-M,IC (Polycom) 57250.004

Код товара 353149
6 580 руб
Polycom (AC unimod power/telco module 220-240VAC 0.1A for SoundStation2. EEA, New Zealand and South Africa. DOES NOT INCLUDE POWER CORD, CONSOLE AND TELCO CABLES) 2200-16050-122

Код товара 128637
12 391 руб
EagleEye HD/II/III mounting bracket tripod mount (Polycom) 2215-24408-001

Код товара 263040
2 814 руб
Privacy cover for the EagleEye IV camera.  Warranty not available for this item. (Polycom) 2215-28454-002

Код товара 282755
2 558 руб
Poly Studio X30 Optional Mounting Kits, includes one each of the following:Vesa Mounting Kit, and Wall Mounting Kit. Compatible with the Studio X30. (Polycom) 2215-86512-001

Код товара 353159
9 626 руб
Polycom (VVX 600 16-line Business Media Phone with built-in Bluetooth and HD Voice. Compatible Partner platforms: 20. Factory disabled media encryption for Russia. POE. Ships without power supply.) 2200-44600-114

Код товара 158602
36 895 руб
Power Supply for Polycom Pano,54V/65W.  Order power cord separately. 7200-52200-125

Код товара 353165
10 839 руб
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