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CALISTO P240, IC (Polycom) 57240.004

Код товара 368431
5 787 руб
CALISTO P240-M,IC (Polycom) 57250.004

Код товара 353149
5 787 руб
Polycom (VVX 600 16-line Business Media Phone with built-in Bluetooth and HD Voice. Compatible Partner platforms: 20. Factory disabled media encryption for Russia. POE. Ships without power supply.) 2200-44600-114

Код товара 158602
33 784 руб
Polycom (EagleEye IV-4x Camera with Polycom 2012 logo, 4x zoom, MPTZ-11. Compatible with RealPresence Group Series software 4.1.3 and later. Includes 3m HDCI digital cable) 8200-64370-001

Код товара 170643
253 837 руб
Polycom (EagleEye Producer for EagleEye IV camera - For all Group Series running 4.2 or later. Includes EagleEye Producer system, 1 mini-HDCI to HDCI cable, 1 mini-HDCI (f) to HDCI cable, power supply, cord:  RUSSIA - Type C, CE 7/7. Maint. contract requi

Код товара 195482
128 000 руб
Polycom (Russian EagleEye Digital Breakout Adapter(DBA)-camera. HDCI to HDMI/DB9 breakout for EagleEye IV & Acoustic. Must order pwr supply 1465-52748-040, pwr cord 2215-00286-003 & min-HDCI to HDCI cable separately. See User's guide for installation guid

Код товара 195489
4 639 руб
Polycom (Ceiling Microphone array - Black 'Primary'. Includes 2ft/60cm drop cable, electronics Interface, wall plate with 10ft/3m & 50ft/15m plenum cable. For RealPresence Group, HDX & SoundStructure. See Extension for additonal arrays) 2200-23809-001

Код товара 128726
106 596 руб
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