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Polycom (Cable - External Speaker Integration Kit for SoundStation VTX 1000 and SoundStation IP 7000. Includes 15cm/6in RCA to RCA Y-cable, 3.5mm stereo to RCA Y-adapter and 3.5mm stereo-to-stereo audio coupler.) 2215-17409-001

Код товара 165384
920 руб
Polycom (EagleEye Producer mounting bracket, extensions to be used with Universal Camera Mounting (2215-68675-001) or other EagleEye IV Polycom mounting solutions to secure EagleEye Producer to bracket.  Includes: brackets, hardware and directions.) 2342-

Код товара 212234
4 893 руб
Polycom (Camera Cable for EagleEye IV cameras or Digital Breakout Adapter (DBA). 457mm / 18' mini-HDCI(M) to HDCI(M) digital cable. Connects EagleEye IV to codec or DBA, or DBA to Group Series codec. MPTZ-10/MPTZ-11) 2457-64356-018

Код товара 212236
7 969 руб
Polycom (Cable - Two (2) expansion microphone cables, 25ft/7.6m for SoundStation IP 7000) 2200-40017-003

Код товара 136976
2 557 руб
Polycom (Cable - Two (2) expansion microphone cables, 7ft/2.1m for SoundStation IP 7000) 2200-40017-001

Код товара 136977
2 557 руб
Polycom (Computer Calling Kit-use SoundStation2s with LCD,VoiceStation 500, SoundStation Duo and SoundStation IP 7000 as speakerphone for VoIP calls via computer based softclients. 1.5m/5ft cable connects phone to a computer's 3.5mm mic/line in and line o

Код товара 136978
2 465 руб
Polycom (Universal Power Supply for SoundPoint IP 560 and 670, VVX 500 and VVX 1500 Product Family.1-pack, 48V, 0.4A, Continental European power plug. Excludes Brazil) 2200-17671-122

Код товара 136980
3 013 руб
Polycom (Universal Power Supply for VVX 300, 310, 400, 410.1-pack, 48V, 0.4A, Continental European power plug) 2200-46170-122

Код товара 136982
2 191 руб
Polycom (USB A-to-B Cable for CX600/CX700 IP Phone, connection to PC. 5-Pack) 2200-31506-001

Код товара 136983
1 840 руб
RealPresence Group 500-720p: Group 500 HD codec, EagleEyeIV-4x camera, mic array, univ. remote, NTSC/PAL. Cables: 2 HDMI 1.8m, 1 CAT 5E LAN 3.6m, 1 HDCI analog 3m, Power: RUSSIA-Type C, CE 7/7. Maintenance Contract Required (Polycom) 7200-64510-114

Код товара 164631
772 051 руб
Polycom (RMX 1500 IP only 7HD1080p/15HD720p/30SD/45CIF resource configured & licensed system, equipped with one (1) MPMx-S Media Processing Module. (Maintenance Contract Required)) VRMX1515HDR

Код товара 149281
7 040 204 руб
Polycom Studio: Audio/Video USB Soundbar, with auto-track 120-deg FOV 4K Camera, USB stereo speakerphone, BT speakerphone, Wi-Fi device management, remote, Cable: 5m USB Type-A to Type-C, RUSSIA-Type C, CE 7/7. 7200-85830-114

Код товара 313643
91 987 руб
Polycom (Power Adapter, SoundStation2, Nortel/Avaya) 2200-43019-122

Код товара 260145
1 636 руб
Polycom (Power Supplies (2) for SoundStation2W base and console, 100-240V. Includes two (2) 1.8m/6ft power cords with CEE 7/16 (Europlug) plug.) 2200-42441-004

Код товара 260146
2 374 руб
Polycom (CX5500 Unified Conference Station for Microsoft Lync, use as a USB device or as a stand-alone SIP audio conference phone. Includes power-data box, cables, documentation. Power cord:Russia-Type C, CE 7/7.) 2200-63880-214

Код товара 260148
534 491 руб
Polycom (Mounting solution for EagleEyeIV-12x&4x. Mounts on the wall/other flat surfaces over 6.5in deep or flat screen displays greater than 5/8in thick. Includes tripod mount. Also supports EagleEye Director, EagleEye HD, EagleEye III, EagleEye View cam

Код товара 179253
14 461 руб
Кабель Polycom 2457-23180-010 Camera Cable for EagleEye HD/II/III cameras HDCI(M) to HDCI(M) 10m

Код товара 120374
20 160 руб
Polycom (RealPresence Debut Expansion Microphone : Contains one Microphone Array and one 7.6m/25' RJ11 cable. Compatible with RealPresence Debut) 2200-69631-001

Код товара 260152
16 587 руб
Polycom (Mounting bracketshelf solution for EagleEye Director, EagleEye HD, EagleEye III, EagleEye View and EagleEye QDX Cameras.Mounts on the wall, 2215-24143-001

Код товара 73554
14 461 руб
VVX Expansion Module (Paper directory) for VVX 300, 310, 400, 410, 500 and 600. Includes AUX cable and attachment hardware (Polycom) 2200-46300-025

Код товара 302935
9 009 руб
Polycom (Camera Cable for EagleEye IV cameras mini-HDCI(M) to HDCI(M). 1m digital cable. Connects EagleEye IV cameras to Group Series codec as main or secondary camera.) 2457-64356-100

Код товара 213595
8 143 руб
Polycom (CX5500/CX5100 Extension Microphone Kit. Includes pair of microphones and cables.) 2215-65951-001

Код товара 213596
28 656 руб
Polycom (Privacy cover for the EagleEye camera. Has the VC2 logo on the front when in the privacy position. Warranty not available for this item) 2215-28454-001

Код товара 213597
2 009 руб
Polycom (24 Hour Talk Time Battery for SoundStation2W) 2200-07804-002

Код товара 128861
7 883 руб
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