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USB Client Communication Cable for Cradle to the host system. (Motorola Solutions) 25-68596-01R

Код товара 119759
1 364 руб
USB Cable for the cradle to the host system (Motorola Solutions) 25-64396-01R

Код товара 119760
1 205 руб
MC31XX High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery (2X), 4800 mAh (Works with all MC31XX Configurations). Purchase battery door KT-128373-01R for straight shooter and rotating head configurations, purchase battery door KT-128374-01R for Gun configurations. (Motorol

Код товара 119796
5 927 руб
MC3100/MC3000 Standard Capacity Battery (1X) 2740 mAh for straight shooter and rotating head configurations only. (Motorola Solutions) BTRY-MC3XKAB0E

Код товара 119798
4 479 руб
Single Slot Cradle Kit, (Intl). Incl: Single Slot Cradle (CRD9000-1001SR) and P/S (PWRS-14000-148R). Buy country specific 3 wire AC Cord separately. (Motorola Solutions) CRD9000-111SES

Код товара 119818
18 810 руб
Single Slot Serial/USB Cradle Kit (INTL). Kit includes: Single Slot Cradle CRD3000-1001RR, P/S PWRS-14000-148R, Buy country specific 3 wire AC Cord separately. (Motorola Solutions) CRD3000-101RES

Код товара 119819
13 129 руб
Power Supply for MK500 (Motorola Solutions) PWRS-MK500-00

Код товара 119822
2 790 руб
Gooseneck Intellistand (for DS4208), Twilight Black (Motorola Solutions) 20-147076-07

Код товара 119824
2 888 руб
Belt for Holster for MC30XX, MC90XX, MC9190-G and WT40XX (Motorola Solutions) 11-08062-02R

Код товара 119825
2 327 руб
Motorola Solutions (5-SLOT Charge Only Cradle for TC55. Requires PWRS-14000-148C and Country specific three wire grounded AC Line Cord (Sold Separately)) CRDUNIV-55-5000R

Код товара 153309
25 018 руб
Motorola Solutions (TC55 1X Battery, 2940 mAh Lithium-ION)

Код товара 153317
4 998 руб
Motorola Solutions (TC55 Protective Boot: Blue&Black. Accommodates Stylus (KT-TC55-STYLUS1-01 Sold Separately)) SG-TC55-BOOT1-01

Код товара 153319
5 440 руб
Motorola Solutions (VC70 U-Mount with mounting hardware) KT-U-MOUNT-VC70-R

Код товара 153321
10 189 руб
Motorola Solutions (Gun, 802.11a/b/g, Imager, VGA Color, 256MB/1GMB, 53 Key, WM6.5, BT, IST) MC9190-G30SWEQA6WR

Код товара 158438
169 249 руб
White RS232 EMEA Kit: Includes LS2208-SR20001R Scanner, CBA-R01-S07PAR RS232 Cable assy, PWRS-14000-256R EMEA Power Supply, 20-61019-01R Stand (Motorola) LS2208-1AZR0100ER

Код товара 130268
5 672 руб
Lan 802.11 a/b/g / Blue Tooth PAN 1D Laser Scanner ,256MB RAM/1GB Flash , Numeric Keyboard, WM6.5 Classic, Extended 3600 mAh Battery (Motorola) MC55A0-P20SWRQA9WR

Код товара 126921
77 512 руб
Cable - USB: Series A Connector, 7ft. (2m) Straight (Motorola Solutions) CBA-U01-S07ZAR

Код товара 126935
2 150 руб
4 Slot Charge Only Cradle Kit (INTL). Kit includes:: 4 Slot Charge Cradle CHS3000-4001CR, Power Supply PWRS-14000-241R, DC Cord 50-16002-029R, Buy country specific 3 wire AC Cord separately. (Motorola Solutions) CRD3000-401CES

Код товара 126940
27 887 руб
MC2180 WLan Laser Kit with standard battery, CE6 CORE, 128MB RAM, 256 MB ROM, English, handstrap, single slot cradle, uUSB comm cable, and power supply (Motorola) K-MC2180-MS01E-CRD

Код товара 126126
40 415 руб
LI4278 Black Standard Cradle USB Kit - EMEA: LI4278-SR20007WR Scanner, CBA-U01-S07ZAR USB Cable, CR0078-SC10007WR Cradle (Motorola) LI4278-TRBU0100ZER

Код товара 126129
16 324 руб
LI4278 White Standard Cradle USB Kit - EMEA: LI4278-SR20001WR Scanner, CBA-U01-S07ZAR USB Cable, CR0078-SC10001WR Cradle (Motorola) LI4278-TRWU0100ZER

Код товара 126130
16 324 руб
Cable - RS232: DB9 Female Connector, 7ft. (2m) Straight, TxD on 2 (Motorola Solutions) CBA-R01-S07PAR

Код товара 131002
2 005 руб
Аккумулятор для WT40x0: Li-Ion, повышенной емкости (Motorola Solutions) BTRY-WT40IAB0H

Код товара 131800
7 902 руб
1-Slot USB/charging cradle (requires power supply PWRS-14000-148C and local AC line cord) (Motorola Solutions) DC1000-1000U

Код товара 131803
9 469 руб
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