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Motorola Solutions (Power Supply for 4-Slot Battery Charger (SAC9000-4000R), works with DC Line Cord (25-72614-01R). Must purchase 3 Wire GROUNDED AC line cord separately. See link to grounded line cords for country specific cords)

Код товара 129794
8 801 руб
FX9500 RFID Reader, 4-port, 128/128, European Union (Motorola Solutions) FX9500-41324D41-WW

Код товара 124678
118 971 руб
Antenna: 1 Port Wide Band-Right, Pig-Tail RoHS. Right Hand Circular Polarization. (Motorola Solutions) AN480-CR66100WR

Код товара 124680
19 127 руб
Single Slot Cradle Kit, (Intl). Incl: Single Slot Cradle (CRD9000-1001SR) and P/S (PWRS-14000-148R). Buy country specific 3 wire AC Cord separately. (Motorola Solutions) CRD9000-111SES

Код товара 119818
22 798 руб
MC9500 Single Bay Cradle Kit, (Intl). Incl: Single Bay Cradle (CRD9500-1000UR) and P/S (PWRS-14000-148R). Buy country specific 3 wire AC Cord separately. (Motorola Solutions) CRD9500-101UES

Код товара 119820
13 497 руб
Power Supply for MK500 (Motorola Solutions) PWRS-MK500-00

Код товара 119822
3 003 руб
KT:MT20X0 BTRY PACK, 3.7V, 2400MAH (Motorola Solutions) KT-BTYMT-01R

Код товара 119823
3 372 руб
Belt for Holster for MC30XX, MC90XX, MC9190-G and WT40XX (Motorola Solutions) 11-08062-02R

Код товара 119825
2 794 руб
International four-bank battery charger kit, includes Charger (SAC4000-4000CR), and PS (PWRS-14000-148R) Purchase country specific three wire grounded AC power line cord separately (Motorola Solutions) SAC4000-411CES

Код товара 124946
23 165 руб
ET1 WLan Tablet, 7' display, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), 1G/4G+4Gsd, USB expansion module, Regulatory approval: Group 006 (2.4Ghz bands only): South Korea, Colombia, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam (Motorola) ET1N0-7G2V1UG7

Код товара 122908
21 284 руб
MK500 Wired Ethernet, Imager, w/Touch (Motorola) MK500-A030DB9GWTWR

Код товара 122911
35 018 руб
White USB Kit: Includes LS2208-SR20001R scanner, CBA-U01-S07ZAR cable, 20-61019-01R Stand (Motorola Solutions) LS2208-SR20001R-UR

Код товара 118599
4 703 руб
Black USB Kit: Includes LS2208-SR20007R scanner, CBA-U01-S07ZAR cable, 20-61019-02R Stand (Motorola Solutions) LS2208-SR20007R-UR

Код товара 118600
4 703 руб
USB Cable for Cable Adapter Module (ADP9000-100R must be ordered separately) (Motorola Solutions)

Код товара 136813
4 368 руб
MC55/MC65 Charge Only Cable. Charging requires Power Supply (PWRS-14000-249R) and country specific two wire ungrounded AC power line cord. (Motorola Solutions) 25-112560-01R

Код товара 136814
4 637 руб
Single Slot Serial/USB Cradle Kit (INTL). Kit includes: Single Slot Cradle CRD7X00-1000RR, P/S PWRS-14000-148R, Buy country specific 3 wire AC Cord separately (Motorola Solutions) CRD7X00-101RES

Код товара 132209
14 116 руб
Four bay spare battery charger kit. Includes Four bay spare battery charger (SAC2000-4000CR), Power Supply (PWRS-14000-148R) 3 wire grounded AC line cord sold separately (Motorola Solutions) KT-SAC2000-4WW

Код товара 136830
19 406 руб
Power Supply: 100-250VAC (Motorola Solutions) PWRS-14001-006R

Код товара 136832
6 395 руб
Soft material holster for the MC909X and MC9190 Gun configurations only (Motorola Solutions) SG-MC9121112-01R

Код товара 136834
5 988 руб
DC cable for power supply PWRS-14000-241R. (Motorola Solutions) 50-16002-029R

Код товара 135043
3 580 руб
Крепеж: настенный для MK500 (Motorola Solutions) 21-118517-01R

Код товара 136836
5 325 руб
Power Supply: Provides power to the Four Slot Charge Only and Ethernet Cradles. Order country specific three wire grounded AC line cord separately (Motorola Solutions) PWRS-14000-241R

Код товара 135047
7 991 руб
MC3000 Gun Fabric Holster (Motorolla Solutions) SG-MC3021212-01R

Код товара 130440
5 771 руб
Коммуникационная подставка: однослотовая для WT40 в комплекте с блоком питания и кабелем (Motorola Solutions) CRD4000-111UES

Код товара 130441
17 188 руб
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