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Single Slot Cradle Kit, (Intl). Incl: Single Slot Cradle (CRD9000-1001SR) and P/S (PWRS-14000-148R). Buy country specific 3 wire AC Cord separately. (Motorola Solutions) CRD9000-111SES

Код товара 119818
21 080 руб
LS7708 USB Kit: LS7708-SR10007ZCR Slot Scanner, CBA-U01-S07ZAR USB Cable (Motorola) LS7708-BENU0100ZR

Код товара 122915
19 487 руб
Single Slot Serial/USB Cradle Kit (INTL). Kit includes: Single Slot Cradle CRD7X00-1000RR, P/S PWRS-14000-148R, Buy country specific 3 wire AC Cord separately (Motorola Solutions) CRD7X00-101RES

Код товара 132209
12 909 руб
Four bay spare battery charger kit. Includes Four bay spare battery charger (SAC2000-4000CR), Power Supply (PWRS-14000-148R) 3 wire grounded AC line cord sold separately (Motorola Solutions) KT-SAC2000-4WW

Код товара 136830
18 381 руб
4-Slot battery charger (requires DC cable 50-16002-029R, power supply PWRS-14000-241R, and local AC line cord) (Motorola Solutions) SAC1000-4000C

Код товара 135046
14 149 руб
Коммуникационная подставка: однослотовая для WT40 в комплекте с блоком питания и кабелем (Motorola Solutions) CRD4000-111UES

Код товара 130441
19 454 руб
MC200 Batch Linear Imager Kit with standard battery, CE6 CORE, 128MB RAM, 256 MB ROM, English, handstrap, single slot cradle, uUSB comm cable, and power supply (Motorola) K-MC2100-CS01E-CRD

Код товара 124562
24 544 руб
Kit: MC9000 Four Slot Battery Charger, Energy Star (Motorola Solutions) Kit-SAC9000-4001ES

Код товара 124603
27 968 руб
Ring scanner to cable to arm-worn WT4X90 and WT41N0, with HP engine and freezer rating (Motorola Solutions) RS419-HP2000FSR

Код товара 124604
57 195 руб
Motorola Solutions (RS507 8-battery Charger with external power supply WITHOUT an AC cord for charging both the standard and the extended capacity batteries of the RS507) SAC5070-801CR

Код товара 143557
44 655 руб
Motorola Solutions (Wearable terminal has touch display and double tap keypad. 512/2G memory, a/b/g/n radio, CE7 OS and exteneded battery. Please order mounting softgoods & scanners separately. Works with all Wearable accessories) WT41N0-T2H27ER

Код товара 143564
191 630 руб
Motorola Solutions (RS507 Hands-Free Imager, a 2-finger mounted barcode imager with manual trigger and standard capacity battery for cordless Bluetooth interface to supported mobile computer) RS507-IM20000STWR

Код товара 143579
67 946 руб
Motorola Solutions (VC70 U-Mount with mounting hardware) KT-U-MOUNT-VC70-R

Код товара 153321
10 257 руб
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